Long sweeping strokes working along the energy lines of the body, combined with therapeutic pressure point techniques release blocked energy and muscle tension. A blissful massage that ensures a sense of relaxation and promotes wellbeing and calm within.

415 AED 60 MIN
470 AED 90 MIN


A deeply nurturing treatment that combines soothing lomi techniques from the west, and firm pressure point techniques from the East to unblock stagnant energy and dissolve stress. The therapist’s healing hands, and instinctive sense of touch will melt away areas of tension to restore balance and improve freedom of movement of the muscles and joints.

415 AED 60 MIN
470 AED 90 MIN


Based on Chinese healing principles that channels connect points on the feet to a specific organ or area of the body. Feel your entire body relax as pressure is applied to specific points to alleviate tired aching feet whilst stimulating the immune system. This treatment will enhance wellbeing and leave you feeling light footed.

199 AED 30 MIN
399 AED 60 MIN


This intense deep tissue and therapeutic massage was created to restore strength and movement in overworked muscle. Trigger point therapy to unblock energy, forearm arm techniques to elongate muscles, stretching to boost movement and an aroma heat pack filled with botanical actives to soothes even the most deep seated of tension and aches.

480 AED
90 MIN


Commencing with a full body massage combining Swedish and cross muscle fiber movements that will release tension and increase circulation. A warm aromatic heat pack is then applied to the back and tension areas to deeply soothe chronic aches and pains.

425 AED 60 MIN
480 AED 90 MIN


Warm healing oils and therapeutic deep tissue massage techniques will unlock tense, strained muscles allowing increased movement, circulation and relaxation throughout the body.

415 AED 60 MIN
470 AED 90 MIN


A dry body brush awakens the skin and circulation before cleansing and energizing slimming massage techniques aid in the breakdown of fat cells. This is invigorating massage boosts blood flow to sluggish areas leave you feeling lighter and looking slimmer. To see lasting results a series of treatments is recommended.

415 AED
60 MIN


Warm nourishing coconut and almond oil flows continuously on the forehead and scalp inducing a state of calm. This treatment is heightened by a soothing scalp massage and a warm eye pack that will melt away even the strongest of headaches. Based on shirodhara therapy this treatment is highly effective for those frequently suffering from headaches, poor sleeping patterns and stress.

385 AED 45 MIN
535 AED 90 MIN


A highly effective quick pick-me-up treatment designed to release tension and encourage deep relaxation. It’s common for stress to manifest in the back, neck and shoulder areas which is why a blend of oriental massage techniques is applied to ease away stiffness and aches in these areas.

199 AED
25 MIN